One-off Home PC Access (19th July 2004)

My wonderfully benevolent mother allowed me to have the PC on for about quarter of an hour yesterday, during which time I was able to upload most of my website developments made before I got banned - I had not been able to upload them t the time. I intended to organise them and replace the current web pages with them at the library but she allowed me to have the computer on again today, from which I am typing now.

This has allowed me to upload some other projects I was working on with the aim of continuing them at the library but it has also allowed me to carry out some site renovations. I was able to sign into Windows messenger for the first time in months and catch up with some of my online friends. Dave Bateman, the host of this site, was online so I got his details from him so that I could write him a cheque for the years of fantastic, free service he has given me. The cheque is for £100, which I think must trifle in comparison to the personal expense hosting my site has cost him but he had the grace to appear thankful nonetheless, bless him.