Forced Absence #2 (25th January 2004)

Yes, for the second time I have gotten banned from the computer. Do not ask why, trying to make sense of my dad’s decisions will only make you lose faith in the intellect of humanity. However, you can read about this in detail in the topic on

This means that just as I had secured a whole bunch of fantastic opportunities to design modifications people are making to GTA:Vice I can not actually go ahead with them. Additionally, having only just fixed Curveshire so that it at least shows up in GTA 3, I now can not follow through with that either! I was working with Sadisticmachine on getting a really fine handling setup for the skateboard he made and planned to work with Barton to give it some additional stunt functions, such as being able to ollie. I had only just started re-making my Tropical skin for Invision v1.3 so now that, which would have been VERY useful to talk about in job interviews, is denied of me!

All I can do is say that to those who I said I would work with is that if I had a choice in this issue, I would be working flat-out to achieve the things I promised instead of leaving you all hanging like this. c{:¬(