Phrase & Formatting

147 entries:

AbilityNet: RAPS Accessibility
Unmarked keyboard shortcuts for <kbd>...</kbd>+<kbd>...</kbd>.
Accessibility Tools
<em> for <samp>.
<em>..., ... for <ul><li><samp>. Government Offices of Sweden
<em> for <q>.
adaptive path
<em> for <h4>.
Adobe: Flash Player 9 Release Notes
<p><strong>Note: </strong>...</p>.
Unmarked SoundMixer.computeSpectrum().
Unmarked "Applications->".
Unmarked "Built-in Output".
Unmarked constants ADDED_TO_STAGE.
Unmarked selectable=false.
Unmarked TextField.
Unmarked yum install flash-plugin for <kbd>yum install flash-plugin</kbd>?
Adobe: Privacy
<span class> for <ins>.
Unmarked definitions.
Unmarked URLs.
Adobe: Terms of Use
Unmarked definitions.
Unmarked URL "".
<i><u> for <strong> or <em><em>.
Anne: Microphone on Ubuntu
<b> for <code>.
“...” → “...” for <samp>...</samp> → <samp>...</samp>.
Apple: Interface Guidelines
<i> for <cite> or unmarked.
<b> for <dfn>.
Asa Dotzler - ie 7 beta 2
<strike> for <del>.
Asa Dotzler
<tt> for <samp>.
AskTog: Keyboard vs. The Mouse
<i> for <cite>.
Basic HTML Tags
Misinformation for beginners.
Ben Goodger, scroll
<h5> for <h4>.
Ben Goodger, scroll
<p><b> for <h4>.
Book Meme
<b> for read.
<i> for started.
<s> for hated.
<u> for planned.
Brian Jones: .doc, .xls, .ppt
"<span style><span style><em style>...</em>"...</span>...</span>" for "<cite>...</cite>".
Bruce Lawson: Twap!
<dfn> for non-defining instance.
“...” for defining instance.
Bryan Starbuck: TypePad
<span style> for <strong> or <em>.
UPPERCASE for <em><em> or <em>.
Bryan Starbuck: Zillow
<u> for <em>.
Calendar 0.7 panel
No <code>.
No <samp>.
ChatZilla FAQ
``Open at Startup'' for <samp>Open at Startup</samp>
<b>Tools &gt; Extensions</b> for <samp>Tools</samp> > <samp>Extensions</samp>.
IMSecurity > Settings > Advanced for <samp>IMSecurity</samp> > <samp>Settings</samp> > <samp>Advanced</samp>.
<tt> for <code> around command line parameters, file paths and URLs.
Chronological Table of the Private and Personal Acts
<b> for <cite> around the names of acts.
Coïncidence...? - Joe Clark
<cite> for <kbd>!
Confusing terminology: clarification by The Linux Information Project
<code><strong> for <dfn> as they aren’t code.
<i>Unix</i> for <dfn>Unix</dfn> and many other defining instances which were not the main definition in that entry.
Difference in case sometimes significant enough to give a different definition.
Copy File Name in Vista
<p><font color><em><font size><font face> for <p><code> or <pre class><samp> with color:red;font-family:verdana;font-style:italic.
<em> for <var>.
Creative Commons Legal Code
<ol type><li><strong>"..."</strong> ...</li> ...</ol> for <ol><li><dfn>...</dfn> ...</li> ...</ol>.
csarven: About
<em>csarven</em> for <dfn>csarven</dfn>.
CSS 2.1
<strong><span class><a name> for <dfn id>.
Unmarked @import, clac(.
CSUN: Best Practices
Unmarked code.
CSUN: Best Practices
Unmarked inline HTML, CSS rules, filenames,, hex colours.
CSUN: Ten Checkpoints
...</strong></p> for <samp>...</samp> > <samp>...</samp>, sometimes without <strong>.
<i> for <em>.
DigiTV Wiki: Usability
<b><ins> for <strong><u> or <strong class> or <em><em>.
Download [..] clips
<span class> for <kbd>.
No <code> around URL and <strong> around text.
No <dfn>.
No <acronym title> or <abbr title>.
No <a href> around URLs.
Elements of Type...
<em> for <samp> or <q>.
EnhanceIE: IE8
<span> for <code>.
"..." for <samp>...</samp>.
Unmarked keyboard shortcut.
<strong> for <kbd>.
Error Explanations for The W3C Markup Validation Service
"&lt;...&gt;" for <code>&lt;...</code>.
&lt;...&gt; for <code>&lt;...</code>.
"..." for <code><...></code>.
"..." for <samp><...></samp>.
"<code class>...</code>" for <samp>...</samp>.
&ldquo;<code class>...</code>&rdquo; for <samp>...</samp>.
Eve Maler: SGML DTDs
<strong><em> for <cite> or <strong><cite>.
<em> for <cite>.
<strong> for <code>.
Unmarked code.
Unmarked code using UPPERCASE.
ExpressionEngine: Interview
Unmarked citations.
Fair Processing Notice – Bradley
<i><b> </b></i> for a normal space.
Paciello Group: Fieldsets
<strong> used correctly in “Example code:” but presented in a fainter colour.
“...” for <samp>...</samp>.
(...) for <kbd>...</kbd>.
TAB for <kbd>Tab</kbd>.
(legend) for <code>legend</code>.
<tt> for <samp>, no <code>, no <var>.
Firefox 3b2
<tt> for <samp>.
Folder paths unmarked.
Preference UI path unmarked.
<p><code> for <pre><kbd>.
<ol><li>...<p><li>...<p> for <h3>1. ...<p>....
<u> for <h4>.
<u> for marked items.
<u> for <dfn>.
Friendly Bit: Default HTML in Sharepoint 2007
Unmarked display:none, ie:menuitem, TOPLEVEL, divs, WebPartId, PlaceHolder.
GB Contact Form 3
<strong> for <code>.
GBCF-v3 - Help Page and Documentation - GBCF-v3 Demo
<strong> for <code> around HTML element names.
<strong> for <code> around language filenames.
<code style> to illustrate the colour the code would create.
Unmarked: CHMOD 666, include, default.css, gbcf-v3, CONFIG.php, UserAgent, whois, YYYY.MM.DD, M, Dxx, Y.
Unmarked error messages and UI text: File Not Writable, "headers already output", Address, Address 2, City/townState/province, Zip/postal code, Country.
Glazman: Answer to Andy
UPPERCASE for <em> or <strong>.
Google Chart API
<code> for <samp>.
...<foo>... for ...<var>foo</foo>...;.
Google: Accessible Search FAQ
<u> for <em>.
<u> for <samp> or <a href> or <a href><samp>.
Graphics in Mozilla
Unmarked code.
GreenMethods: Who’s Ojectionable?
<i lang> for scientific name.
gsnedders: border-radius
Unmarked border-radius, div, -moz-border-radius, -moz-, -moz-opacity.
Happy Webbies: Terms
Unmarmed definitions for <dfn>.
Hantsweb: Year 7 Timeline
<h4> for <p><strong>.
How to play FLV files
<strong> for <samp>.
<strong> as <strong>.
<em> for <samp>.
Html Validator for Firefox and Mozilla
</p> for <code></p></code>.
<span class> for <strong>.
Unmarked file extensions.
How to install and use TortoiseSVN
<h4> for all headings.
How to install and use TortoiseSVN
<i>...</i> around file paths.
Unmarked file paths.
<b> around UI text.
&lt;OK&gt; around UI text.
'...' around UI text.
... - >... around UI menu path.
Unmarked UI text.
IE Blog: Compatibility and IE8
<b><i> for <em> or <em><em> or <strong><em>.
IE Blog: Frames
Umarked code.
Curly quotes around an attribute value.
<em> for <q>.
IEBlog: Interop & IE8
“...”> for <dfn>...</dfn>.
Implement CSS 2.1
<cite>... <cite><a href> <q> for ?
IRC Command Cosmos
Unmarked code.
Unmarked blocks of user input.
Ircle: Color FAQ
<font color face> for <samp>.
ishida: XMetal
Unmarked menu captions for <samp>.
Unmarked file path.
Unmarked inline CSS for <code>.
javaScript alert method - how to use syntax - online javascript reference
<strong> for <dfn><code> at start of main content.
<strong> for <code> around JavaScript.
Unmarked code.
JavaScript Madness
<strong> for <code>.
"..." for <kbd>...</kbd>.
[...] for <kbd>...</kbd>.
<tt> for <code>.
Joe Dolson: 8 Checkups
<em>Tools</em> ... <em>Fangs</em> for <samp>Tools</samp> > <samp>Fangs</samp>.
<code>Tools &raquo; Options &raquo; Content &raquo; "Load Images Automatically" --&nbsp;Unchecked</code> for <samp>Tools</samp> > <samp>Options</samp>, <samp>Content</samp>, then uncheck <samp>Load Images Automatically</samp>.
Unmarked filenames.
Unmarked URLs.
<em>User-Agent</em> for <code>User-Agent</code>.
Unmarked wildcard * for <code>*</code>.
Joe Dolson: Accessibility Statement
<code> for <kbd>.
Joe Dolson: fonts in browsers
<em> for actions with UI text.
Justin Thorp: Digg Widget
CAPITALS for <em> or <strong>.
Kerbside Collection
<strong> for <b> in breadcrumb and list.
<em> for <i> or class or accidental?
<i> for <dfn> and <em> and <cite> and others?
Little Blue Plane: Accessibility
"View" for <samp>View</samp>.
LocateTV: Change log
Unmarked interface sections.
Unmarked button captions.
Unmarked file extensions.
Unmarked HTML attribute names.
<div><a href> <a href> for <ul><li><a href><li><a href>.
Location Bar Proposal
<u> for <em>.
Malarkey: The Fine Art of Markup
<em> for <cite>, <strong> for <cite>.
Unmarked near end.
Manchester: Advanced UI Group
<em> for <cite>.
Mark Pilgrim: Specs
<em> for <dfn>.
Mastering NT 4.0
<u> for access key.
MDC: -moz-image-region
<i> for <var>.
Mellon Foundation
<code> for <kbd>.
Messenger Blog: Love/Hate
UPPERCASE for <em> or <em><em>.
<i> for <em>.
Micheal Gall: GDirections
<em> for <code>.
Sometimes with curly speechmarks.
Microsoft Support
<div class> for <samp>.
Microsoft: Pointer Ballistics
<b> for <samp>.
X^y for x<sup>y</sup>.
mitchell: Importance of Standards
<strong><em> for <strong>.
Unmarked variables for <var> or <code> or <code><var>.
<tt> for inline code.
More Nifty Corners
<strong> for <dfn>.
<span style><strong> for <code>
<p class> for <pre><code>.
Mozilla Links: Newsletter 24
Unmarked URLs.
Unmarked filenames.
Unmarked inline code.
/.../ for editorial note, traditionally punctuated [...].
Mozilla: ChatZilla Guide
<b> for <strong>.
Unmarked newsgroup address.
<b> for <dfn>.
<i> for <dfn>.
<tt> for <kbd>.
<ol><li><b>...</b></ol> for <h4>n ...</h4><p>...</p>.
<i> for <samp>.
Unmarked user input for <kbd>...</kbd>.
<tt> for IRC commands.
*...* for <em>...</em>.
MSDN: Language Geek
<em> for <cite>.
Unmarked inline code.
<em> for <var>.
Next steps for Firefox 3
<u> for <em>.
Not Rocket Science - Tim Bray
<i> for <q>.
Open: glob
<i> for function names.
Unmarked constants.
Opera: Right Doctype
*and* for <em>and</em>.
Paciello: ARIA Slider 2
<code>select</code> versus <code>&lt;object&gt;</code>.
&#8216;...&#8217; for <code>...</code>.
(&#8216;...&#8217;) for <code>...</code>).
&#8216;<em>...</em>&#8216; for <code>...</code>.
Unmarked tabindex, alt, <div>, 1em, 1 em, em, clientWidth.
Unmarked Page Up, Page Down.
<dt>...</dt> for <dt><code>...</code></dt>.
<em>...</em> for <code>...</code>.
<tt class><span class> for <code>.
RegEx Matching
<i> for <dfn>.
<i> for <em>.
<pre class> for <pre><code>.
<p><i>...</i>... for <dl><dt>...<dd>....
Robson: CSS Compressor
<em> for <samp>.
Unmarked CSS for <code>.
Run Fx3 Portable App
<p><strong><font face size> for <h3>.
<em> for <samp>.
<p><font face size><strong> for <h4> with display:inline.
<em> for <code>.
<strong> for <strong><samp>.
<strong> with capital letters for <strong><strong>?
Sabrina Welserin Cooking
<u> for <cite>.
Safari CSS Reference
<h3> for <h3><code>.
<dl class><ul class><li class><p><span class><a href> for <dl><ul><li><a href><code>.
Sam Ruby: Little Details
<p><a href>...</a> <em>...</em></p> for <p><cite><a href>...</a></cite>:</p> <blockquote><p>...</p></blockquote>.
satyam: YUI DataTable
Unmarked TFOOT, tfoot.
Method names use <code> except getTdLinerEl.
Unmarked object names.
<strike> for <del>.
Selectutorial: Class selectors
Unmarked <div>, <p> class, id.
SitePoint: CSS Vendor
<var> not used for text which can be replaced in sample.
SitePoint: Glossary
Unmarked IP address.
Unmarked IRI.
SmartFTP Crash
<i> for <samp>.
Steve Marshall: Colophon
“...’> for <dfn>...</dfn>.
Steve Marshall: Mac Keys for Windows
Unmarked UI text throughout.
‘...’ for <samp>...</samp.
<strike> for <del>.
TBray: Door Is Ajar
<p><span class>... for <h3><p>....
TBray: Oops
<i> for <ins>.
TBray: UTF-8+names
<i> for <dfn>.
Tea Makers: Hubie
<cite lang> for <i lang> or <span lang>.
Tech Talk PT: Building accessible Sharepoint sites - Part 1
<p><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><em> for <p><em> with external CSS or <p><em><em> to indicate greater emphasis than normal <em>, since that isn’t underlined.
Theme Development
<tt> for <code>, unmarked 'true'.
Think in code: APE RubyGems
<em> for <code>.
TV Help: AD on Virgin Media
<strong> for <kbd>.
<i> for <samp>.
UIE Brain Sparks
<em> for <i>.
Urban Dictionary: wewt
Missing <dfn>.
UXMatters: State
<em> for <dfn>.
<em> for <samp>.
<strong> for <samp> or possibly <kbd>.
W3C Q&A: IE8 Versioning
Unmarked code, xml:meta, <meta ...>.
Unmarked filename, .htaccess.
W3C Q&A: Stakhanovite
<strong> for <dfn>.
W3C Q&A: Widgets
<i> for <em>.
WAC Blog
<cite> for <q>.
WAC: Flash banners
“...” for <samp>...</samp>.
Unmarked alt, longdesc.
OBJECT for <code>object</code> or <code>&lt;object></code>.
ESC for <kbd>Esc</kbd>.
Insert + escape for <kbd>Insert</kbd>+<kbd>Esc</kbd>.
WAC: longdesc
UPPERCASE for code.
Unmarked inline code.
Web browser download help
<span><strong> for <kbd>.
<span> for <samp>.
Webkit Versioning
<i> for <q>.
Where To Focus?
<s> for <del>.
<i> for <ins>.
Wikipedia: HTML
<b> for <dfn>.
<code> sometimes.
wxPython Presentations
<i><u> for <strong> or <em><em>.
<i> for <dfn>.
Pasted from Word
YUI: Performance V
Unmarked cache-control.

Citing of Work, Titles & Names (1 entry)

Poems: Robert Burns
<em> for <cite> around poem titles.

Code (5 entries)

Mozilla: irc: urls
<tt> for <code>.
<p><tt> for <pre><code>.
Opera Mini: FAQ
<b> for <code> around URL.
Walterzorn Drag & Drop
<a class> for <a><code>.
Unmarked HTML elements.
Unmarked variables.
Unmarked filenames.
Unmarked function names.
Webkit CSS Animation
<i> for <code>.
Unmarked code in comments.
<dl><dd><code> for <pre><code>.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Menu Paths (3 entries)

Help for users with disabilities - London Borough of Merton
&quot;Ctrl&quot; and &quot;]&quot; for <kbd>Ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>]</kbd>.
... > ... for <samp>...</samp> > <samp>...</samp>.
<strong> for <samp>.
<strong> for <kbd>.
Html Validator for Firefox and Mozilla
"Clean up" for <samp>Clean up</samp>.
CTRL+U for <kbd>Ctrl</kbd>+<kbd>U</kbd>.
Opera Mini: FAQ
<em>...</em> &gt; <em>...</em> &gt; <em>...</em> for menu path.
WAC: Keystrokes
Unmarked keyboard shortcuts.
Inconsistent case.
Walterzorn Drag & Drop
<Shift> for <kbd>Shift</kbd>.

Shortened Terms (43 entries)

Accessify's Acrobot
<acronym> for speakable intialism.
Adobe: Flash Player 9 Release Notes
IE where?
Unmarked APIs, ECMA, MXML, XML, XMLList, QName, DOM, URL, HTTP, SWF, HTML, OSX, MIDI, Khz for khz, CSS, FSCommand, PowerPC, GTK2, ALSA, CS3, APSB, AAC, HD, MPEG-4, MP4, M4a, MOV, MP4V, 3GP, 3G2, 1080p, CPUs, VP6, Mac Os X, Mac OS X, SUSE, Gb for GB, SWFs, FLV, SSL, YUM, Y/N, y.
Adobe: Privacy
Unmarked TRUSTe, CA, USA, Attn, P.O., OR, PDF, ZIP, CPU, URL, U.S., IP, ID, HTML.
Adobe: Terms of Use
Unmarked FAQs.
<span class> for <acronym title> or <abbr title>.
Arnaud: Standards Quality
Unmarked W3C, OFE, OOXML, EXMA, ISO, IEC, PAS, Ecma’s, W3C’s, TCs, IP, Ecma, DOM, RAND, RF, TAG, SOAP, OpenID.
Long Form (Short Form) in places.
Bad Behavior: FAQ
Unmarked HTTP, PHP, CPU, CMS.
CSSWG Blog, 27th Feburary 2008
Unmarked W3C (in alt), Tech., CSS, WG, CSS1, CSSOM, API, CSS2.1, CR, HTML, UA, e.g., F2F, CSS3, www-style, reps, IE, etc., Q&A, Ok, GIMP.
CSUN: Best Practices
Unmarked ATI, CSUN, HTML, PDF, KB for kB, Ex:, etc.
DOM Scripting: ABBRacadabra
Unmarked DOM, HTML, IE, HTML5 in main content.
Unmarked W3C, CSS, IE6, XML, XHTML, XMLNS in comments.
Dumbrella: Cache in the Attic
<acronym title="Model View Controller">MVC ...</acronym></p> for <acronym title="Model View Controller">MVC</acronym> ...</p>.
Eve Maler: SGML DTDs
Unmarked SGML, DTDs, XML, DTD, V, HTML, PTR, ISO, TOCs, IUs,.
ExpressionEngine: Interview
Fieldsets - Paciello Group
Unmarked HTML, Kbps.
Lowercase title.
GBCF-v3 - Help Page and Documentation - GBCF-v3 Demo
Unmarked v3, B3, SASU, FTP, FAQs, CHMOD, PHP, IP, URL, CSS, ISP, XHTML, HTML, a.k.a., SMTP, CHMOD'd
FrontPage Server Extensions (FPSE) for FrontPage Server Extensions (<dfn>FPSE</dfn>).
CHMOD expanded as CHange MODe in prose.
Good Experience: 8 mistakes
<span class>ESP</span> for <acronym>ESP</acronym> or <acronym title="Extra-sensory Perception">ESP</acronym>.
gsnedders: border-radius
Unmarked CVS, CSS3’, CSS, CSS3, XHTML1.1, CSS2.
gsnedders: Ogg
Partially marked USDs.
Unmarked W3C, HTML, WG, WHATWG, H.264, MPEG, HTTP.
Heilman: Generating charts
<span class> for <acronym> or <abbr>.
Joe Dolson: 8 Checkups
Unmarked SEO, URLs, k, W3-Markup, WCAG, PHP, MySQL, RSS, G, HTML.
Juicy Studio: ARIA Convo
Unmarked ARIA (in breadcrumb), pm.
Little Blue Plane: Accessibility
"“PDFs"” section has <abbr title="Singular">Plural.
<abbr title="Singular">Plural</abbr>s.
“Navigation” section has <acronym title="Frequently Asked Questions">FAQs</acronym>.
Little Blue Plane: FAQ
<abbr title="Singular">Plural.
<abbr title="Singular">Possessive.
Unmarked e.g..
Little Blue Plane: Legal
Unmarked PDA.
Malarkey: The Fine Art of Markup
Unmarked CSS, HTML, XHTML, i.e., AJAX.
Manchester Lab: SASWAT Program
Long term (short term) several times.
Unmarked SASWAT, KPI.
Manchester Lab: Vacency News
Unmarked EPS, GBP, p.a., EPSRC, SASWAT, AJAX, iFrames, XForms, etc, JAVA?, XUL, HR, tel, HCW.
Microsoft: Pointer Ballistics
dpi (dots per inch) instead of "dots per inch (dpi)".
Unmarked USB, Hz, dpi.
Opera: Right Doctype
DTD ... “Document Type Definition”> for <dfn>DTD</dfn> Document Type Definition.
Paciello: ARIA Slider 2
<acronym title>...</acronym> only on first instance of ARIA.
Unmarked ARIA, TPG, HTML, DOM, etc., TPg, CSS, DHTML, WCAG, IE8.
<abbr><span class title>...</span></abbr> for <abbr title>...</abbr> twice in comment form.
RNID: Glossary
Unmarked BSL, RNID, DVD, UK, BT, DDA, GP, ENT, FAQs, Hi-fi, NHS, SSE, SPIT.
Long Term (Short Term) used several times.
satyam: YUI DataTable
Long Form foo (Short Form).
Unmarked YuiBlog, PHP, YIU, HTML, URL, ASAP, CSS, AJAX, AJAJ, JSON, XML, BuildSql, SQL.
sdeisgn1: Ben goes Stateside
<abbr>the HTML</abbr> for <abbr>HTML</abbr>.
<abbr>USA</abbr> in November for <abbr>USA</abbr> in November.
SitePoint: CSS filter
Unmarked CSS, Spec, CSSN/A, IE5.5+, FF2, Saf3, Op9.2, IE, PNG, IE5.5, IE6, IE7, URI, ID, HTML.
Steve Marshall:
<abrr title> for <abbr title>.
Unmaked HTML, CSS, TV, BTW.
Unspace - Ham
Short: Long.
Unmarked IE8, HTTP.
WAC: Flash banners
All unmarked.
WAC: Keystrokes
WAC: Second Life
Unmarked WAC, SL, DJ, UI, RSS, AJAX, CAPTCHA, SXSW, CSS, PDF, w3cplanet, WCAG, XML.
WaSP: Faruk Ateş
Webkit Versioning
Unmarked IE8, IE, HTML, XML, MINE, CSS3, IE7, IE6.
YUI: Performance V
Unmarked HTML, HTTP, KB, KBytes, MB, K, UI, EDGE(?), DSL, kbps, WiFi, CSS.
"LRU (least recently used)" for "least recently used (LRU)" expanded in content.

Standards (7 entries)

CSS3 Backgrounds
<var> for <dfn>.
Unmarked notation [ ... ] should use <code>?
<span class><a href>'...'</a></span> for '<code><a href>...</a></code>'.
<span class>'...'</span> for <code>...</code>.
HTML4 Control types
<em> for <var>.
HTML4 Events
<samp> for <code>.
<em> for <i>.
HTML4 Links
<em> for <i> in code sample.
Legal Citing APA Style
Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0
<snan class> for <ins> and <del>.
public-html, December 2007
<em> for author names.
<em> for authoring dates.
Use <cite>?

Time & Date (9 entries)

betMooch: Fixtures
<abbr title="Timestamp" class>Date Time</abbr>.
csarven: SEO
<abbr title="Timestamp" class>Date</abbr>.
GBCF-v3 - Help Page and Documentation - GBCF-v3 Demo
<span class="error"> for <time>.
gsnedders: text-shadow
<abbr class title=Timestamp>Date</abbr>.
Joe Gregorio: Revisionist
<a href title="2008-04-07T00:57:08.616324">2008-04-07</a>.
pbwiki - Blog
<small class><strong>....
UXMatters: State
<p class="date">Published: Date</p>.
<p class="post-details-comment">Posted on Date</p>.
WaSP: Bike Hugger
<p class>...<abbr class title=Timestamp>Time</abbr>...<abbr class title=Timestamp>Time</abbr> on Date...</p>.

UI Text (3 entries)

Opera Mini: FAQ
<em> for UI text.
WAC: Keystrokes
Unmarked UI text.
Inconsistent case.
Woking: Site help
<strong> for <samp> UI text.