Link Relationships (2 entries)

<link rel> in footer.
WAC Blog
<link rel="archive">.

Link Text (17 entries)

ALA: Sliding Doors II
<a href title> where title repeats link text.
Introduction to Apple Human Interface Guidelines (previous location, with timed <meta> redirect to a wrong location)
<span class><a href>&#8220;...&#8221;</a></span> for &ldquo;<a href>...</a>&rdquo; or <a href>...</a>.
URLs for page titles.
Brian Jones: .doc, .xls, .ppt
Repeated “PDF | XPS” disambiguated by text in the <li> which contains them.
Several links without link text.
CSUN: Best Practices
URI for link text despite advice to the contrary.
CSUN: Conference
URI for link text in content.
CSUN: Ten Checkpoints
URI for link text throughout content. Archives
Repetitive link text, “Browse”.
Could link the dates and remove the “Browse” column.
Enable Holidays - Disabled Holidays to Florida, Spain, Majorca, The Canary Islands, Portugal, Cyprus, The Greek Islands, Malta, Egypt, Czech Republic and Belgium. City breaks in Barcelona, Prague, Brussels and Athens. Enable Holidays are the specialist tour operator for disabled people and their families and friends.
Repetitive link text.
Adescent links pointing to same location for a single link.
<h2><a title="Link Text">Link Text</a></h2><p><a title href><span class>more info</span></a></p> for <ul><li><a href>Link Text</li> ...</ul>.
Firefox: all betas
Repetitive link text in data table.
Frank Hecker: Mozilla access
Repeated month names disambiguated by parent list item link text.
HTML Source: Browsers
External links prefixed with &raquo; .
URLs as link text when better link text is on previous line.
ITCH | Useful Organisations
URL as link text for organisation name as link text.
LocateTV: World Rally Championship
<li onmouseover><a href tabindex><b onmouseover>...</b><br /><span class>...</span></li> for clickable block of content.
Manchester Lab: Web Library
Extremely long link text.
Different text for same link on same table row for full-row hyperlink.
Realised Design: Web
web<span class="hidden"> </span>design for word-spacing: 0;.
W3C Q&A: July 2008
&raquo; Read On... as link text.
Heading links de-styled to appear as unclickable normal text.

Link title Values (8 entries)

cole007: Blog Archive
<a href title="Permanent link to Link Text" class>Link Text</a> for <a href>Link Text</a>.
csarven: SEO
<a href title> is exact match or very near match to link text.
<a href title="href">...</a> for <a href>...</a>.
Manchester Lab: Vacency News
<a href title="Link Text">Link Text</a> for <a href>Link Text</a>.
Opera: Curriculum Intro
<a href title="lowercase keywords or sentence fragment">Link Text</a>.
Paciello: ARIA Slider 2
<a href title="View all posts in Link Text" rel="category">Link Text</a>.
<span title><a href>...</a></span> for <a href title="Title">Link Text</a> or <a href>Link Text</a> where Title is merged into Link Text.
SitePoint: CSS Properties
<a href title="Link Text">Link Text</a> in left column.
<a href title>...</a> where title is a deconstruction of the link text, padded with waffle, which would fit alongside each link in the content.
Tbray: Whistler 2010
49°N is usable by humans; not title="long decimal value,long decimal value".