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Unlabelled controls.
Login has <form action method accept-charset class style onsubmit><input type name size> <input type name size> <select name>...</select> <input type value><br /><span class>...</span><input type name value></form> for <form action method id><fieldset><legend>...</legend><input name id size> <input type name id size> <select name id>...</select><input type value><p>... <label for>...</label>, <label for>...</label> and <label for>...</label>.</p>.
<span class> <input id> for <label for><input id>.
BCOT: Contact
<p> to group row of controls for <div>.
<label for> used correctly. Aircraft Ownership
Scripted, editable table whose mode <select> is in a preceeding <form>.
<input> elements as only child element of <td>.
Table has 2 vertical sections on left, 3 on right.
Result is updated near the bottom for each side.
<td id class>&nbsp;</td> for a central gap down the table:
  • Left side for financial data.
  • Right side for airplane data.
<td align id colspan class> for column headers:
  • Main column header is expected to accumulate with column subheaders below it.
  • Column subheaders have the same colspan as the main column header.
  • On the right, column header 2 is not expected to accumulate with 3.
<td align id class> for row headers:
  • Row headers on the right must block row headers on the left. (They aren’t row subheaders.)
Not written with accessibility in mind:
  • Use <th> to create header semantics.
  • headers+id to do accumulation of column headers with same colspan?
  • Use associated headers as the labelling text ,treating the control like normal content.
CSUN Conference
<label for> is empty.
<p>...</p> for labelling text.
<label for> with text and associated with correct control.
DOM Scripting: ABBRacadabra
<h3><fieldset> for <fieldset><legend>.
Driving Directions - AOL
<label for><input name> for <label for><input name id>.
Inclusive Technology - All The Help You Need
<label for><strong>...</strong></label> for <label> with CSS font-weight.
KDE Developers: Search
First value in several unlabelled <select> for <label>.
Manchester Lab: Feed back
<label for> used correctly.
Placeholder text.
Mellon Foundation
Missing alt with off-screen <label for>.
Paciello: ARIA Slider 2
<h3 class id>...</h3><div class><div class><form action method id><fieldset><legend>...</legend><label for>...<small>- Requred<br /></small> <input type class name id value size /></label><br />...</fieldset>...<fieldset class><legend><strong>...</strong></legend><label for> <textarea name class id rows cols></textarea></label> <input class name type id value /> <input type name value /></fieldset></form>.
<div class> <p>...<br /><small><dfn title="Description">Code</dfn> &middot.
...</small></p> for <p>...</p><dl><dt><code>Code</code><dd>Description ...</dl>.
Petition Spot: Save the Accessibility Institute
<input style type="text" name value="Labelling Text" onfocus onblur /> for <label for>Labelling Text</label> <input type="text" name id>.
<textarea style type="text">Labelling Text</textarea> for <label for>Labelling Text</label> <textarea name id></textarea> Advanced Search
Unlabelled textboxes.
Unlabelled radio buttons.
Realised Design: Contact
<label>...</label> <input class name type> for <label for>...</label> <input id name> shows proximity <label> in present-day markup.
Segosa: HFS
<label> rather than <label for> expects proximity labelling.
<label> comes before text inputs.
<label> comes after radio buttons.
SmartFTP Forums
ASCII art for nested <optgroup>.
<option>Label: Value for <label>Label ... <option>Value.
Technorati: Advanced Search
<table> for CSS layout.
<div class><h3> for <fieldset><legend>.
<h4> for nested <fieldset><legend>.
<th> for <label>.
Combined radio button textboxes share a <label> which applies to the textbox only.
Visual28: design tips
<h2><form> for <form><fieldset><legend>.
Vladstudio: E-Cards
<label> not used around labelling text.
Grid layout produced with <div> and CSS.
W3C Q&A Weblog
<h4>...</h4><textarea> for <fieldset><legend>...</legend><textarea id>.
<label for> used correctly.