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@media Blog: Hello World!
alt="blah" for a cartoon frame. Support
alt="" for topic status icons.
Staffordshire eGovernment Partnership for Staffordshire Connects.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader for Get Adobe Reader.
ALA: Accessible Data
alt duplicates main heading text.
ALA: Control Maps
alt duplicates main heading text.
alt duplicates subsequent paragraph.
ALA: Survey Complete
<a href title="Link Text"><img alt="" src /></a> for <a href><img src alt="Link Text"></a>.
Alex Faaborg : Microformats IV
alt is Filename.
longdesc is Base IRI.
Apple: Interface Guidelines
alt = "image: ../art/mini_useicon.jpg" for alt="Tick".
<input ... alt="&gt;&gt;&gt;"> for <input ... alt="Search">.
AVG: References
Some alt expands initials in logos.
AVG: Risk Levels
alt for title?
alt should be in previous heading?
alt="promotional" for “References” section.
BBC - TV Delivery
alt doesn’t match image in “Notes” section.
alt="RNIB logo" for alt="Helping you live with sight loss".
betMooch: Euro 2008
alt="Steve knows best" for alt="Steve McClaren’s® Lucky Dip".
alt="Bet Offers" for alt="Latest Bet Offers".
alt="Kit Offers" for alt="Latest Kit Offers".
CSUN Conference
CCHP logo expanded in alt with a tagline.
CSUN: Best Practices
alt describes header image instead of providing its text.
Customize [...] with TweakUI
<a href><img src alt="Alt Text"> Alt Text</a>.
Dave: Boards: WRC
alt="Angry" for angry smiley.
Section title for alt text.
alt="Dreamhost" for a box with 2 lists of features.
alt repeats nearby link text.
Fieldsets - Paciello Group
Long alt, repetitive.
Redundant due to previous paragraph.
Missing capital letter.
Straight quotes.
GBCF-v3 - Help Page and Documentation - GBCF-v3 Demo
alt contains 3 words but image contains 1 word.
alt duplicates title.
Google Chart API
Inadequate information? Chart Title examples don't include the title, but don't need to?
Graphics in Mozilla
File names.
Happy Webbies: Series 2 Buttons
Repeats section title.
Does not name the webbies or describe colours.
Could use alt="" because a description is further down the page.
How-To Geek
alt="image" for screenshots.
How-To Geek
File names.
Ian Lloyd: Keynote Buddy
alt does not describe specifics of the mockup.
iheni: #080808
alt repeats previous paragraph.
IntelliAdmin: 5 sins of Vista
alt="" for spacer.
Paraphrased section titlefor screenshots.
ishida: New RSS
Long alt matching long title for short alt and long title.
ishida: photos
alt="A photo on Flickr" with image title in title attribute.
alt="Sample photo.1".
ishida: ruby in Firefox
alt=" " followed by <span class="caption">.
Juicy Studio: QA
Braille in background-image with no alt.
KDE Developers: Search
alt text is coherent and numbered but undescriptive filenames.
Malarkey: Solihull Council
Empty alt on graphical link to a large image.
Messenger Blog: Love/Hate
Absent alt for cartoons described in main content.
Absent alt for emoticons.
Microsoft: Pointer Ballistics
Vmouseequation for maths.
Filenames for graphs followed by commentary.
Mozilla Labs: Featured Projects
alt mising from graphical headings.
MultiLingual Computing: News
Missing alt on pagination links.
News and issues
alt="" for semi-decorative photos.
Nikita: Encoding Divination
Image map unusable when images are disabled.
Opera: Right Doctype
Missing alt.
title="Picture of the article author Roger Johansson".
pbwiki - Blog
Park University - Online, Undergraduate, and Graduate Degrees
<img src alt="arrow" height width> for CSS list-style-image.
Petition Spot: Save the Accessibility Institute
Empty alt for Share Petition graphical link.
Recycle Bin
RegEx Matching
Performance graph shapes not described.
Finite Automata diagrams (and many others) undescribed.
Run Fx3 Portable App
Missing for image links.
RUNNER+ Dissection Photos
File names.
SitePoint: CSS filter
alt="" for images demonstrating the result of code samples.
Figure name as only description.
Inadequate UI description.
Steve Marshall:
alt="" for photo of author.
alt="Image of: Title".
Source order puts image before the headings which introduce it.
Technorati: Photos
title used instead.
Unspace - Haml
Filename minus file extension with capital first letter.
Walterzorn Drag & Drop
Webware: Firefox address bar
alt="" instead of describing a screenshot.
WHATWG Blog: Vim
alt describes image without supplying text from the image.
<a href><img alt></a> for <pre><samp>...</samp></pre>.
Wikipedia: Ford-Fulkerson algorithm
Math notation (latex?) in alt for Unicode characters.
alt="" for diagrams.
YUI: Performance V
alt repeats preceeeding <h4>.