Vedic Temple & Assault & Pirates (3rd April 2015)

You have mastered the sacred art of Krishna-fu, young Grasshopper. Now for your final test: a fight to the death amongst the trees and towers of the ancient Vedic Temple.

Vedic Assault sees you spearhead an invasion of the Krishna holy land. You must destroy the temple wall and lead your troops to victory.

Download Vedic Temple (150kB)
Updated on 3rd April 2015. Includes a test version of Vedic Assault.

Do not copy my files. Just link to this web page. I’m BenMillard in GTA 2 Game Hunter.


Testers & Contributors


January 2009

Was playing through the whole GTA 2 storyline. While exploring the Industrial District I found the Krishna area. It was spectacular.

Using the mike2h.gmp bonus and bil.gmp as the basis, I cut it out. Added lots of trees and detailed all the paths. Wrote a basic script and started testing with other players.

March 2009

Radical remodelling of entire map to add wooden docks and give different courtyard heights. Start positions moved a little closer to flamethrower. Re-assessed weapon types and locations.

February 2010

Waterfall moved within North-East perimeter, crossed by wooden stairs. Double Damage moved to the new stars, with Molotov Cocktails filling the old location. New screenshots.

May 2011

Many screenshots updated. Now uses a single .mmp file and a 40×300 preview. Download has reduced in size from 135kB to 60kB.

Started a Vedic Assault mode. A bit like Army Base but the terrain and enemy are very different.

Vedic Pirate idea came to me whilst building a galleon for Vedic Assault. Would be like MultiSlayer Ship but with a movie-style battle between Krishna and Navy gangs. Another galleon will be nearby so you can jump between them.

June 2011

Added lights and balanced gameplay with many test games in Vedic Pirate.

August 2011

Made the rigging of North galleon more compact.

May 2012

Experimented with the AI for Russian soldiers who help the players.

September 2012

Added 2 gangplanks between the Pirate ships so players can choose whether to jump.