TRON: Tribute Games (3rd April 2015)

The Schmidt has a certain likeness to the enclosed bikes of the first TRON movie. Inspired by the updated look and long game sequences in TRON: Legacy, I started devising game modes which might be fun in GTA2. This map pack contains Light Cycles, Tank Battle and Disc War games.

Download TRON: Tribute Games (220kB)
Updated on 3rd April 2015. Includes preview image and custom handling.

Do not mirror my files. Just link to this web page. I’m BenMillard in GTA 2 Game Hunter.


Testers & Contributors


September 2011

Wrote down game modes, vehicle lists, weapons, counter-measures and how to balance the action.

November 2011

Released first test version, using Zooka Arena by Kamil (7kB). Somewhat playable and fun!

December 2011

Bikes start with weapons beneath them. North section rebuilt. Moved maze West, added Fast Reload. Reduced the bike Turn In. 2 more respawn areas and 6 more bikes.

Added a Tank Battle game mode added by replacing the bikes with modified tanks. Added a Disc War mode by replacing Light Cycles weapons with Rocket Launcher.

March 2012

Was inspired after noting key events in the TRON: Legacy final scenes. Mapped the Rectifier and CLU’s Command Ship, coded custom doors and got a rear gunner effect working.

April 2012

Doors now have sounds thanks to code which I adapted from Gustavob.