Tiny Arena Maps (3rd April 2015)

Elypter’s Tiny Tiny Town was half the size of the original GTA2 map. I was inspired and created Tiny Hidden Surprise Arena. Elypter then made Tiny Face Off and the smallest playable Tiny Town.

This GTA2 map pack contains the 4 arena-style levels I made, which are based on Elypter’s levels. Weak weapons are now cool ones, they all have full ammo and the respawn points are always near something useful. Each arena starts with a head-to-head fight!

Download Tiny Arenas (400kB)
Updated on 3rd April 2015. Includes 4 arena maps in total.

Do not copy my files. Just link to this web page. I’m BenMillard in GTA 2 Game Hunter.

Screenshots from Tiny Tiny Town Arena and Tiny3 Town Arena

Screenshots from Tiny Hidden Surprise Arena

Gameplay Changes

Testers & Contributors


January 2010

Saw the forum topic Elypter made and instantly loved the idea. Downloaded the map and wrote a 41-item list of suggestions. Elypter, a long-time veteran, took them on board and made lots of changes.

I then attached my own tweaks and started testing with other players. “Performance, feedback, revision” as some rapper at Nerdstock put it.

February 2010

Fixed some wall bugs. Added overhead cables, grafitti and ambient sounds.

March 2010

South-East corner now uses Zaibatsu power station textures. Playable terrain is same shape, with new scenery around it.

Completely re-textured the East into an industrial area with more scenery outside the playable area. Added bus stops.

Updated screenshots using TradeMark’s Map Editor.

October 2010

Began work on Tiny Hidden Surprise Arena, announcing it on GTAMP forum with a screenshot.

November 2010

Continued, frustrated attempts to iron out the crashes. Finally, a set of 5 changes fixed it!

December 2010

Player 3 often desyncs still. Removed randomised flickering lights as early versions of Dafe’s Death Valley had problems with rapidly flashing lights.

A batch file deletes the 5 old *.mmp files in favour of the single new one.

February 2011

Made a church as scenery for South boundary, inspired while near Covent Garden. New screenshots. Route to Vehicle Mines will be rebuilt as Chinatown rooves.

March 2011

Added Tiny³ Arena to the Tiny Tiny Town download.

TM’s Map Editor removed about 300kB of PS2 data from the tyfo-arena.gmp, shrinking the tiny-arenas.zip from 680kB to 560kB.

May 2011

Some better texturing and more stylish architecture.

June 2011

Easier access to Fast Reload in the Tiny Town variants. Moved a sound in Tiny³ Town Arena. Slightly re-textured both of them.

November 2011

Fixed an air tile under a sloped light at (192,25). South-West scenery now has roads between buildings.

Changed the 224kB tytyty-arena.jpg made by Elypter for my own 88.5kB preview image. Reduces package size from 560kB to 400kB!

May 2012

p3 is no longer grey as the arrow is so hard to see. Last player is grey, instead.

September 2012

Slightly moved the Electrogun in North-East corner.

October 2012

Some cosmetic updates.

September 2013

Re-textured a few places. Fixed an incorrect road marking.