DeCon Labs & DeCon King (3rd April 2015)

A lone Krishna Warrior (orange) must assault the Zaibatsu stronghold in Escobar, Industrial District. Zaibatsu (grey) must defend their 3 tanks and 3 generators while the Krishna tries to destroy them.

DeCon King is an all-versus-all ‘king of the hill’ version. You must stay on the high central tower to gain more points. $200,000 points game and 10 minute limit are fun settings for this mode.

Download DeCon Labs & DeCon King (100kB)
Updated on 3rd April 2015.

Do not copy my files. Just link to this web page. I’m BenMillard in GTA 2 Game Hunter.

Screenshots From Both Versions

Testers & Contributors


January 2009

Was playing through the whole GTA 2 storyline. From the yellow Krishna phones of Industrial District, the mission Conversion Evasion featured the DeCon Labs in Escobar.

It stood out as being an awesome venue to assault. So I cut it out, wrote a basic script and started testing with other players.

February 2009

Revised weapons. Rocket Launcher added to ground level in respawn area.

June 2009

Included a decon.jpg image.

February 2009

Couple of small corrections to fences.

March 2010

February 2009 version desynchronised a lot for unknown reasons. Possibly related to destroying the 1st or 2nd tank, even though script is identical. Only changed file was the map with fence and solidity corrections.

Found veteran Polish players were using a version from March 2009 which proved far more reliable. Copied the newest map data and pasted into that decon.gmp file and released the level again. Desync problem now seems to be fixed!

December 2010

Inspired by Lanty’s Fortress level, started a ‘king of the hill’ version. Weapons can fire through the railings and all players start inside the base. Armour added to North-West tower and Rocket Launcher added to North-East tower.

Initial brainstorming and testing was with Elypter. Mission script gives the king $1,000 per second.

April 2011

DeCon Labs now uses 1 .mmp file for any number of players. Updated screenshots amd map preview images.

Wrote a decon-install.bat file but stopped distributing it. Game Hunter removes the obsolete .mmp files when Refresh is pressed in Create Game window.

February 2013

Added upward timers to DeCon Labs and DeCon King. Stopped it from flickering.