Converted Maps from GTA1 (3rd April 2015)

The cities from GTA 1 and the London 1969 expansion pack have been brought into GTA 2! Delfi/JernejL, Pyro and Sektor did most of the work with help from Illspirit, myself and others. Hosted with their permission.

Download Converted GTA1 Levels (7.3MB)
Updated on 3rd April 2015. Includes preview images.

Do not copy these files. Just link to this web page. I’m BenMillard in GTA 2 Game Hunter and in the GTAMP Forum topic.


Maps of the GTA1 Cities

Testers & Contributors


December 2010

Took screenshots and made map preview images.

June 2011

Added start points for 6 players. Included Pyro’s San An Scramble since it shares the sanb.gmp and sanb.sty files. First re-release!

July 2011

JG releases his version of these levels, cleaned over the past couple of years! I adopt these as the basis for a new set of ‘master’ files which can be re-used by the community.

Pyro for San Andreas. JG for Liberty City and London 1969. BenMillard for Miami, Manchester 1969 and project coordination.

August 2011

Released the 2nd master version! Another is planned soon after.

September 2011

Slightly updated some scripts. North Banana Grove junction now has less traffic. Properly aligned a junction in East Banana Grove after a crash near there.

November 2011

Pyro made Manchester 1961 playable and refines the San Andreas tram system. I finally achieved stability with Vice City! JG updated London 1969 and New York so they are now playable, too.

April 2012

Tiny update to a couple of powerup locations. Line-wrapped some long bits of .mis code.