Army Base (3rd April 2015)

Dr LaBrat has hired you to infiltrate the Army’s secret facility. Fight veteran grenadiers, several tanks and endless platoons of trigger-happy infantry.

Pink arrows point to molotov cocktails. Use them to destroy two generators. This opens the blast doors. First player inside wins the game!

Download Army Base (115kB)
Updated on 3rd April 2015. Includes a preview image.

Do not copy my files. Just link to this web page. I’m BenMillard in GTA 2 Game Hunter.

Best Settings to Create Game
Game ModePoints Game
Points To Win1000000 (Yes, 1 million!)
Time Limit30 Minutes
CopsYes. (This enables the army.)


Testers & Contributors


February 2009

The final Zaibatsu mission, Army Base Alert!, gave me the inspiration for this co-operative assault game.

So I cut it out, wrote a basic script and started arranging the tanks in the most deadly formation possible. Changed boxes, guard towers and buildings to optimise killzones and lethal crossfire.

March 2009

Tank guards seem to cause desync. Single player keeps the tanks but multiplayer has guards with rocket launchers.

Added lighting. Gave it this objective: destroy both generators to access the facility.

April 2009

Added the bonus checks for HEY! 30 PEOPLE DOWN! MULTIPLIER TIMES 2! messages.

June 2009

Overhead cables now use shallower slopes. Included an army.jpg image.

July 2009

Tried wanted level 6 to create natural Army with Dafe after he suggested it. This stays in sync by removing traffic directions and setting Road areas to Field, preventing any tank roadblocks. Also:

March 2010

Cannot shoot through the outer fence any more.

August 2010

Copied the tank guards into multiplayer since Vike’s GTA2 v11.40 has fixed the desync caused by ROAD_BLOCK_TANK_MAN.

December 2010

Corrected army1p.mmp so it uses the multiplayer army.scr instead of the old army1p.scr file. Added a generator which you can destroy to turn off the sirens. Added one army.mmp to replace the 6 *.mmp files it previously used. Game Hunter now deletes the obsolete ones automatically.

May 2011

The rewards for killing large numbers of soldiers no longer increase your multiplier. This to keep scores reasonable in very long games.

January 2012

Devised and added an upward timer, so you can see how long it takes you to win.

Mission code now uses uppercase for all constants.

February 2013

Stopped flickering in the upward timer.