Future Plans for CFG Studio 2

CFG Studio 2 will support nearly all of the text data formats from GTA3, GTAVC and GTASA. It will add more editing capabilities and refine the grid-based interface. It will offer even more freedom and fewer limitations than the previous CFG Studio.

Saving Files

An editor isn’t much use if it can’t save files! Functional release will use a single TAB character to seperate values.

Compatibility Mode

A lot of editors are very sensitive about how files are structured, especially the way values are seperated. I think compatibility with other tools is desirable but not essential. After all, the problem is them not being properly compatible with the data formats!

All editors will have been made to alter the original files. Saving edited files in the same style as the original Rockstar Games (R*) files should make them compatible.



If anyone complains about actual incompatibility problems they experience, I’ll try and do this some more.

Aligned Data Mode

Although CFG Studio 2 is intended as a replacement for editing data files in Notepad, people might want to use it for some things still.

Before the file is saved:

  1. Find the value with the most number of characters in the each column.
  2. Save these as an array of values.

When saving a file in this mode, for each line do the following:

  1. Split the line into an array of values.
  2. Compare the length of each value in the current line against the corresponding array entry.
  3. Add enough spaces to the value equal that entry.
  4. Add one more space so this value is seperated from the next.
  5. Remove any space from the end of the line.
  6. Write the line to the file


Grid data was sorted in ascending order in the old CFG Studio and was fairly sophisticated. CFG Studio 2 hopes to carry this forward and build on it:

Rich Editing Controls

Preset Values

Dropdown lists for all columns which use preset values:


Dropdown checklists for all flags:


Common dialogue colour picker for groups of RGB columns:


Visual Basic (VB) applications have a lot of dependancies. CFG Studio 2 uses some extra controls which add more dependacies as well. I need to package it with an installer to manage this stuff automatically.

Includes FileSystemObject (FSO) for reading and saving data files, validating of paths, checking for file existence, etc.
Common dialogues for File > Open and suchlike.
Common controls like the tabs and status bar.
Speadsheet grid thing.

Other VB6 dependancies.

Associating with File Types

Create a Tools > Default Editor... menu. Will which display a window where users can tick the file types they want CFG Studio to be the default editor for.

File types for the checklist:

No need to allow user to add other file types to this.