GTA2 Retro Gaming Reunion (20th November 2016)

A couple of days ago, playboy52 e-mailed me to say the GTA2 online scene was picking up again. That is to say, there are sometimes 4 players active in the Game Hunter chat client made by the community. That’s all you need for fine retro gaming entertainment.


Today I joined the chat and tried launching GTA2. It needed to install DirectX and this happened automatically. Neat. That works well, Microsoft. But I needed to forward ports.

PlusNet home router one has a nice user interface. Reminds me a lot of BT Home Hub from 5–10 years ago. Actually, it reminds me a lot of that! It has pre-set profiles for lots of games which need manual port forwarding. This is before UPnP was widely implemented for the task.

To be fair, the PS3 also needs a port forwarding profile to work at its best in games like Gran Turismo 6.

The game uses DirectX 6.1 it seems and the oldest profile was DirectX 7. So I selected that and it actually seemed the same. Only addition was making sure the main 2300–2400 range was on UDP as well as TCP.

Levels Enjoyed

It was just us 2 for some games but we had 4 in total for epic team games later on!