Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle (30th July 2016)

Wanted to try riding at fast commuter pace but it was immediately clear this was not going to happen! Central London became a tarmac towpath for the middle of the day. Inspiring to think about, rather pacifying to participate in.

Missed out on the static bicycle racing as they were keeping it set up for kids at one location. As for the other location, I couldn’t it find until the final minutes – everything closed at just 4pm.

Got confused and did the exploration route towards the East of the course and then couldn’t find any parking on Southbank. Eventually found a few metal bars but they were closing to new arrivals at 3:30pm. Had to lock up to a railing and then walk around a lot to eventually find it. By which time, it was too late. And it was still set up for kids.

Should have taken my opportunity at Spin London earlier in the year!

(More to follow.)

(Photos to follow.)