31st Birthday (27th June 2016)

Had a wonderful lunch in Fleet at the Queen’s Head, just in the next village. There’s only about 1 field between that village and my hometown now. Such has been the increase in housing development out there.

Mountain bicycle puncture repair from last time had held up. Park Tool Super Patches were struggling with the very large volume inner tune. It stretches so much when inflated, to fill the very large tyres, it just kept peeling off. I half inflated it to try the final patch, then deflated slightly to fit the tyre and half inflated again. ¾ inflated for the ride and it held up fine. Finally!

Back in London, Fiona and I had a wonderful dinner at the fanciest place I’ve ever eaten. We got a set menu deal from a voucher site Dad found a week before. Galvin La Chapelle, 35 Spital Square, London, E1 6DY.

(Photos to follow.)