The Website Obesity Crisis (13th February 2016)

Video from Maciej Ceglowski. A title I already agreed with but it seemed a bit incendiary to watch during dinner. After leaving it in the background for well over a month (see also: Page Parking on Alertbox) I finally dragged it onto my larger screen and watched it over my first stir fry in N1.

It starts with a professional introduction from a presenter. Then the speaker takes the stage and opens with a disarming and charming reassurance that the contents will not be incideniary. The tone of the piece is earnest, optimistic and has a sort of playful detachment from the subject. Quips and jokes are present and are subtle, like a good seasoning.

The actual content follows the reassurance. It is a straightforward exhibit of articles about page bloat which are themselves bloated. Spoiler alert: later in the video is a page from Apple which is dozens of MB without even using video.

Adverts are covered from a high level business perspective. There are political views mixed in. There are no specific solutions because we all know how to do performance better – or can easily find out with an hour of reading.

The video identifies the aspects beyond developer control. It suggests equally high-level changes to our industry and even society may be needed. In an entertaining way.

Not the video I expected. Glad I finally watched and would urge you to do the same.