First Stir-Fry in N1 (13th February 2016)

Almost immediately set off my smoke alarm as the oil started to smoke. These gas hobs are the hottest burning I’ve ever seen. Even %frac14; is enough to boil an open pan of water!

Opened windows, put pan on windowsil and got a chair to push the test button on the alarm. That switched it off.

Resumed at a lower heat, keeping the window open and succeeded. Used half a box of veg and half a pack of chicken. A dash of soy sauce while cooking turned out very nice and light.

Future Plans

Found a stir fry vegetable recipe from Jamie Oliver while looking for what oil to use. A very neat site and something I could actually step towards doing. (Bought some vegetable oil from the corner shop for £1.)

More down-to-earth-guides include the promisingly named guide to stir fry.

Stir frying could be a good way to start using fresh food, cooked fast and clean. Minimal washing up after, too.