Lost my Cycle Computer (1st December 2014)

There goes another Cateye Strada Wireless cycle computer, rattled out of the 1 year old bracket. Walked back to work beside Euston Road. No sign of it. Would be squashed by now, anyway. At least I have closure from knowing it’s beyond hope.

Carried my sad stroll all the way back to the company car park. There it was! On the ramp to get up to street level. I had walked it up today, my hand around the stem, must’ve knocked it out without hearing.

It was completely fine, not squashed and not even a little bit stolen! Made for a long commute but has made my day – I didn’t give up, neither in terms of searching nor in my hope against hope for the honesty of strangers.

This calls for a celebration. Cyber Monday, maybe I can buy the next model up! (Not really.)