September 2014 in the Life of Ben (Blog)

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22nd Blood Donation (29th September 2014)

  1. Previous donation was 3rd April 2014.
  2. Had to wait 6 months after visiting Malaysia and Cambodia due to Malaria risk over there.
  3. Felt like I set off a bit late.
  4. Cycled very gently.
  5. Arrived at 8:54am for an 8:55am appointment!
  6. Didn’t pass the initial iron test.
  7. Passed the precise iron test with a level of 140 – 135 needed.
  8. 3 samples taken for end of Interval Study.
  9. Got the chair looking down the corridor for the first time.
  10. Circle lights look really Sci-Fi, remind me of Tron: Legacy.

User-Centred Development (28th September 2014)

Making sure the code which ends up on the user’s computer is good for the user. Related to user-centred design is design.