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Brilliant Brands Hatch! (11th June 2014)

2 laps as a passenger, driven by the instructor. 5 laps driving with the instructor giving advice. Then 2 laps as a passenger in a touring car which was amazing! Finished with another 5 laps driving with an instructor and feel like I got a couple of half-decent laps together. Fantastic!

Alfa Romeo Guilietta

Was driven by the instructor for 2 laps, with 2 other passengers.

£70 Abarth 500

Drove this for 5 laps, with a patient instructor. Was very cautious the first couple of laps but passed a couple of Ferraris and Aston Martins towards the end!

£40 Touring Car

Rode as a passenger in the touring car for 2 flying laps. It had a V8 engine, a full rollcage and a young but tremendously fast driver!

Now that was a thrill!

Felt like I was falling sideways in the faster corners. And that was with relatively narrow, deep treaded road tyres.

£60 Abarth 500 (again)

After the touring car, I got the bug. It took some deliberation but finally decided to buy another 5 lap drive in the Abarth 500. My instructor was Mathew and we chatted about the car and the track before heading out.

The track was quiet and I was getting better and better. Feel like I did a couple of half-decent laps, especially for a novice who hasn’t driven anything for about 2 years!

A wonderful experience with super helpful instructors. Everything was well organised and so glad I chose Brands Hatch as the venue! We used the Indy circuit which is why we got plenty of laps.


(More to follow.) (Photos to follow.)