Spring Frisbee (13th April 2014)

First day we went to Wrey Crescent this year and played in the sunshine. It was hot by recent standards and felt just right.

The heat in Asia is a but much for me. Really enjoyed the bright afternoon today. A refreshing breath of breeze every so often and a few clouds towards the end.

Wish I’d taken a photo as it was lovely in the park.

A few groups of people were out. When we arrived half the park was being used by a big football game. Seemed like a lot of people playing on a two-thirds size pitch with tall 5-a-side goals.

Ground looked very hard and dust, made the ball bounce around a lot.

We had a little kick-around after they left. Passing was fine but when we started dodging and tackling we quickly got a bit sweaty! Relaxed on the bank by the flowers for a while and had some water.

At the end we got the aerobie frisbee out. Took me a while to get the hang of it again, then we were throwing it halfway across the park with enough accuracy for it to be caught!

Great fun.