Fireworks at Alexandra Palace (1st November 2013)

Fiona navigated us to a perfectly placed cycle hoop, just outside of the nearest entrance. Steep hills to ride there but the 8-speed hub on her Globe and the middle ring on my Secteur got us up, slowly but surely.

The display lasted about 20 minutes and was great! Many displays focus solely on the visuals but this had a lot of sound, with whooshing rockets and crackling sparkles.

It also featured a laser show, painting circles and spots and lines across the front of Alexandra Palace. This was a surprise as the promotional e-mail was focussed mainly on the logistics and didn’t mention the content of the show. Perhaps it was better as a surprise?

We watched from the corner where Tier 2 joins Tier 4 and had a fantastic view, clear of the trees! Just one couple were in front of us so we had a direct view of all the display. The natural slope of the hill makes this an ideal location, as Fiona remembered from previous years.

There was a strong wind which made me glad to have wrapped up, with anorak and full inventory of woolly gear.

(Photos to follow.)