41st Scalextric Club (3rd September 2013)

NASCAR club cars brought a night of thunder to the London Scalextric Club this evening! We used 3 lanes out of 6, with each race lasting 2.5 minutes. We did the races in pairs, moving over by one lane after the first race.

We had a newcomer, Rob, who made the best début I’ve ever seen. His first real laps were high 12 seconds and really consistent. He gradually brought them down to low 12 seconds and then took a break.

When he resumed something had clicked and he got a couple of laps in the mid to low 11 seconds. As the evening went on, he managed 11.08 seconds!

White Lane

A great start! Derek ran close to my times on a slower lane. He was pushing too hard and crashed about halfway through the race.

I chipped away at my lap times and kept it careful, as I had not practiced earlier in the evening.

Fastest Lap 9.73s
Laps: 14.90
Position: 1st!
Crashes 0

Blue Lane

This time Derek drove perfectly. I got the hole shot and had a half second lead for a few laps. But he ever so gradually reeled me in. There were just hundredths of a second between us and he eventually nosed in front.

I was on a faster lane but wasn’t driving accurately and made a small mistake at the end of the straight, ending the close battle. Exciting while it lasted!

Fastest Lap 10.02s
Laps: 14.40
Position: 2nd
Crashes 1

Yellow Lane

Tried using the orange controller but I was already dialled into the other controller. Loads of mistakes as I tried to adapt to it.

Fastest Lap Not sure.
Laps: 13.85
Position: 3rd
Crashes 4!

Red Lane

Fastest Lap 10.12s
Laps: 14.35
Position: 2nd
Crashes A half-spin

Green Lane

Might have been even more than 4 crashes. Tough lane, poor car and bad driving.

Fastest Lap 10.23s
Laps: 12.45
Position: 3rd
Crashes 4?

Brown Lane

Slow car which is stable but that creates a false sense of security. A lot of drivers try to push the car hard to overcome the slow motor but this mades it tip out of the slot or spin out unexpectedly.

Fastest Lap 10.49s
Laps: 13.40
Position: 3rd
Crashes 3?