Rush Movie (No Spoilers) (25th September 2013)

Brilliantly well-made, a must-see film for any motorsports fan. You could draw parallels between it and Grand Prix but Rush is leagues ahead in every way.

I knew both had been world champions but wasn’t sure who won it during the year in the movie. Even if you do know, it’s far more about the extraordinary human stories in the spectacular life of Formula 1 and motorsport in general.

Fiona enjoyed it so you don’t have to be a petrolhead!

Great Venue

We saw it at our local Odeon on Holloway Road on Screen 6. Premier seats were less than £3 extra and you can book the seat you want. So I put us in the centre, behind the standard seats, which left us pretty much exactly central vertically to the screen as well.

Unobstructed view, potentially more comfortable seats and nobody else in our eyeline. In fact, nobody within 5 seats of us!

Would definitely do it this way again.

True Story

A well-timed documentary on BBC 4 called Hunt versus Lauda: F1’s Greatest Racing Rivals covers the true story on which the movie is based. We watched the documentary after the movie and it’s surprisingly how true-to-life the larger-than-life characters and events really were!

Wouldn’t watch them the other way round as it would spoil the excitement of the movie to know everything that was going to happen.