Treated Myself to a PS3 (23rd September 2013)

Have decided to treat myself as Autumn is arriving!

The newest and smallest PS3 with the largest HDD is available in a specially branded box with GTA5 and 1 controller. It’ss being sold as a bundle for £200 by, my favourite e-commerce website. It’s also at Tesco, Amazon and high street stores.

Gran Turismo 5 (brand new and intact) is only £15.50 now!

OK…this is a no-brainer. Sold!


My last gaming treat was a PlayStation 2 with GT4 and a memory card. It cost £125 way back in March 2007!!

Think I’m due another one by now.


PS3 games aren’t guaranteed to be on PS4. That streaming system it uses will only start during 2014 and won’t have all titles from the start, if ever.

The next Gran Turismo will be for PS4. It will “probably be called GT7” and is estimated for release in 1.5 years. Although, last time he said that, it took 5 years.

Value of Loyalty Schemes

Already had 81 SuperPoints at so that knocks 81p off the price.

Used the site which says I’ll earn 2 points per pound, so that’s 430 points (£429.38 rounded up to nearest pound) which is worth £2.15.

But I also earn 216 SuperPoints on what I’m spending, which is worth £2.16 on a future purchase (such as Xmas stuff).

Redeem 81p, earn £2.15 (Nectar) and earn another £2.16 (SuperPoints) means I save of £5.12 on £215.50 in total.

That’s about 2.4%! I should buy expensive things using Nectar and when possible. is a much nicer site than Amazon or eBay (although not perfect).