End of the Road Festival (3rd September 2013)

Another wonderful long weekend. Took some photos which might have turned out well. Oh I should link to the event website: End Of The Road Festival.

Details below compiled primarily from my phone’s calendar and the metadata from the photos I took with it. What did we do before smartphones? Used our memories, I guess.

(More to follow.)

Friday 30th September 2013


Found our way to the woodland walks. The forest was decorated! We spent a little time throwing small footballs towards buckets in the trees.

Pipes were attached to the buckets so the footballs trundled back to the ground.


Returned to the tent to add more layers. It was getting cold, especially out in the open with the wind. Really cold!

7:30pm to 8:45pm

Eels on the Woods Stage. Started raining as soon as they got on but it gradually created a perfect double rainbow!

Highlight for me was the “Go Knuckles!” piece for their drummer. Didn’t hear any of their big hits during the set.

9:30pm to 10pm

David Byrne and St Vincent took to the Woods Stage and it was very showbiz. Not really my cup of tea. Fiona was more interested in St Vincent but they were rather secondary to proceedings.

10pm to Midnight

EfferKlang were on the Garden Stage until 11pm. We watched their whole set. Their audience interaction was…well…very Scandinavian.

Saturday 31th September 2013


Hat fencing! Fiona won 2–0 in quick succession. The referee suggested “best of 5?”


Final score? 5–2 to me. Wewt! Hugely silly and equally fun regardless of the score.

12pm to 12:30pm


3pm to about 5pm

The comedy hollow is a small, steep, oddly magical and extremely over-crowded area. Thankfully the ground was dry so we could sit down on the bank and had a good view of the stage.


Sprawled on the red rug in our little oasis of calm, next to the churn of the Garden Stage area. Saw another peacock, this time a male and quite tame.

Sunday 1st September 2013

Monday 2nd September 2013