38th Scalextric Club (6th August 2013)

Nearly unlimited cars will be charging around the London Scalextric Club tonight. Thundersports by name and the performance of these mini monsters really live up to it!

For most of the evening I raced my NSR Mosler but Terry had also put together a Le Mans prototype for me to try out.

This event isn’t part of the club championship and some of the patrons are on long holidays at the moment. So we only had enough people to run 4 lanes, with 4 minute races per lane.

Brown Lane

Fastest Lap 8.95s
Laps: 25.70
Position: 1st!
Crashes 1 small one

White Lane

Rino cleaned the braids on my Mosler but says they need replacing. Tony’s track really eats the braids due to the sharp ramps to get up and over the bridge.

Fastest Lap 8.90s
Laps: 25.50
Position: 2nd
Crashes 3 small ones.

Blue Lane

Rino tinkered a bit more with my Mosler. He adjusted the tightness of the engine mount and body.

Fastest Lap 8.94s
Laps: 25.60
Position: 4th
Crashes 2 big spins.

Yellow Lane

Borrowed Mick’s Nissan R390. It’s a great car with plenty of torque without needing much throttle. Caught me out a few times but was getting the hang of it towards the end of these long races.

Fastest Lap 8.94s
Laps: 24.25
Position: 2nd
Crashes A few!