Fitness Classes (11th July 2013)

Started going to Shoreditch Park on Thursday evenings to attend Michael Nelson-Cole martial arts inspired workout sessions. He’s a friendly and motivating guy and a higly qualified instructor.

My favourite catchphrases of his are “just do what you can do” and “if you need to take a break, take a break”. You’re talking my language, dude!

With that said, this first session is the most intense workout I’ve done, ever. That might reveal more about my total lack of fitness training to date rather than the session!

We start with a structured and varied warm-up which progressively ramps up. We then take a short break, just a couple of minutes, before starting focussed drills. Each drill is a particular move, repeated in various diffferent ways. Breaks are factored in for those who need them, such as myself.

When a few of us are there, we do games and endurance challenges. These are fun and the element of competition makes us push ourselves.

At the end we spend quite a bit of time doing stretches, as the body is now loosened up. The stretches have already improved my range of motion while the exercises have improved the smoothness of my motion and overall strength.

After the first session my shoulders felt very wobbly from all the press-ups. But I wasn’t sore the next day, just a bit weak. After a couple of days I was feeling better than ever and noticed my posture had improved.

Although we’ve been rained out a couple of times most evenings have been wonderful. Fiona does fitness classes all the time, mostly in gyms but that doesn’t appeal to me. These outdoor classes are a fantastatic way to get fit whilst enjoying the Summer!