Bicycle Racks & Saddlebags (14th July 2013)

After a very sweaty ride to and from from the party last night, I’m definitely finished with carrying stuff on my back!

Carradice are a UK company who make saddlebags for bicycles with a lightweight rack system. Their own website shows how they look with a bag.

There are very few bags designed to take a 17″ laptop. The good ones are around £80 and have less capacity than the Tatoo one I have on permanent loan from Fiona.

Actually caught up with Fiona on my return journey, even though she took the train for most of the journey. 1 hour 3 minutes for 11 miles, about 10.5mph average. Even with traffic and route checks!

Planning to liberate a bungee strap or two from Dad to secure my current backpack to the rack. Have been looking at cycling specific backpacks and seen some good options. Will see how I go with this one first, though.