35th Scalextric Club (24th June 2013)

Tonight, NASCAR brings the noise to the London Scalextric Club and Terry brought in a posh apple and almond birthday cake for me!

Usually my favourite class but this evening was frustrating. The cars had plenty of grip but most of them tipped out of the slot in ways I struggled to predict.

White Lane

Crashed onto the floor under pressure from yellow! Luckily everyone behind crashed a lot so I kept the position.

Fastest Lap 10.31s
Laps: 13.80
Position: 2nd
Crashes 1

Blue Lane

Fastest Lap 10.27s
Laps: 13.60
Position: Didn’t see
Crashes 2

Yellow Lane

My most satisfying race of the evening. A nice clean run.

Fastest Lap 10.26s
Laps: 14.30
Position: 2nd
Crashes 0!

Red Lane

Fastest Lap 10.46s
Laps: 13.15
Position: 4th
Crashes At least 4!

Green Lane

Terrible race. Car was tipping out of the slot all the time.

Fastest Lap 10.61s
Laps: 11
Position: 6th
Crashes 8?

Brown Lane

Another car I could not get to grips with.

Fastest Lap 10.69s
Laps: 12.55
Position: 6th
Crashes Lots