34th Scalextric Club (18th June 2013)

Another of my favourite categories, Grand Tourers grace the London Scalextric Club.

Tony let me try out a small selection of his rather large NSR Mosler collection. One had a little 25k rpm motor mounted at a very slight angle. This was my favourite by far; felt so low but really zips down the straights.

Quite a bit of weight in the front but this makes it super controllable. It slides before it spins out and is very progressive, really inspires confidence.

Yellow Lane

I was leading comfortably but could see 2nd and 3rd just gaining slightly. The pressure got to me and I crashed, restarting in 4th!

Worked my way back up to 2nd but should have won it. That’s motor racing.

Fastest Lap 8.76s
Laps: 19.60
Position: 2nd
Crashes 1

Green Lane

Fastest Lap 9.48s
Laps: 18.45
Position: 4th
Crashes 1?

Brown Lane

Fastest Lap 9.03s!
Laps: 18.60
Position: 4th
Crashes 0?

White Lane

Got chatting about the car so and missed the timing screen!

Blue Lane

Fastest Lap 8.77s
Laps: 19.80
Position: 2nd
Crashes A couple?

Tony Beats 9 Seconds!

His driving style changed in the latter half of the penultimate race. A few laps in a row were visibly smoother, faster and more accurate.

Unforunately he started pushing a bit too hard and had several crashes! I remember the same thing happening to me. Suddenly it just ‘clicked’ for a few laps, then I started to go faster and it was too much.

In the final race he drove like a pro, getting under 9 seconds on his fastest lap. Congratulations!