iPad USA Slide Show with Dinner (8th June 2013)

Fiona returned from her 2 weeks in USA last Monday. Today we went to the excellent North Nineteen ‘gastro-pub’.

We took the iPad and flicked through Fiona’s holiday snaps. Great food with a relaxed environment and a captive audience. Ideal.

Remember the Food!

Fantastic rib-eye steak for me with rustic potato chips, fresh little salad and a little pot of dried herbs bathed in oil from the new Argentinian chef.

Bespoke veggie dish for Fiona, with spinach and calamari. The new chef prepared something especially for her as the new menu will only become available on Monday.

We bought a lovely bottle of red wine to go with it, too.

We both had desserts. I went for the very traditional apple and berry crumble. Fiona tried the chocholate marquise, I started looking up online to find out what it was. The owner came over and explained it to us as we were making our orders.

The presentation, taste, selection of ingredients, service, everything is outstanding. And it’s just a couple of minutes to walk there!

Our meal was just under £25 each. We left a 10% tip as it was so, so good.

Next Event

They are doing a barbeque in the evening on 14th June 2013. We might get to attend that.

My birthday is the next week so we’ll definitely be going there. I spotted a fillet steak with calamari on the menu and have pledged to try it then.

We should visit this local gem more often. Especially as we both have plenty of work.