Sunny Weekend with Zoe & Bella (27th May 2013)

Took a few photos and a couple of videos. Did some Gran Turismo 5 and really enjoyed it, for the most part.

We got outside quite a bit, partly in the back garden. The garden is laid with astroturf which is a stroke of genious!

The local green space has a very rural feel with a big pond and common. Bella loved charging after the frisbee. I was getting reasonable distance with it, by the 20th throw!

Gran Turismo 5

Sadly the NASCAR School is ruined by having the stability control system forced on. This makes the event impossible with a normal controller. With a wheel and pedals you stand a chance of avoiding the system stabbing the brakes on as you load up the tyres through fast corners.


  1. Cycled to Waterloo.
  2. Bought my ticket.
  3. Got on train.
  4. South West Trains provide decent spaces for full-sized bicycles.
  5. Jacket potatoes with corned beef, cheese and baked beans for dinner.
  6. Bella looks a lot different! Much more like a traditional, black and white border collie.
  7. Bella was born on a farm. Her parents are working dogs!


  1. Zoe made a Sunday roast for me!
  2. Lamb, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, farmhouse veg and gravy!


  1. Left a little after the family returned back from their holiday in Cornwall.

(More to follow.)