Scanning from Kodak ESP 7250 (25th May 2013)

Wouldn’t see my PC over WiFi. Eventually plugged into it over USB, using the cable for my external HDD.

  1. 5 or 6 drivers installed. 2 of them took several minutes to be located and installed but it was all automatic.
  2. Scan To: USB Connected Device would appear to start but then cancelled itself.
  3. Preview of the scan didn’t work.
  4. Kodak AiO Home Center is the thing you want to open so you can do this.
  5. Preview of the scan made the scanner run up and down the paper but the PC never received the scan.
  6. Various error codes. Simply wouldn’t work!
  7. At the scan settings screen, set your preferences on the left. Then click Next and it works fine!

The software is actually quite capable, although the accordion on the left is so flat that it doesn’t look like an accordion. More like a set of controls followed by a bullet list of links to online support articles.

But it does work, if you’re geeky enough to fiddle with the settings.

Document in Greyscale at 75dpi is all you need for e-mailing black and white documentation. Save it as JPEG with the Quality set one step down from maximum.