Repaired Gloves an Pyjamas (14th April 2013)

Proud to say that I have successfully sewed the end of the thumb on my gloves back together. Also sewed a button back onto my pyjamas.

Glove Ski Clip (29th May 2013)

Clipping them together and draping them off my rucksack shoulder strap is so convenient! I really missed this ability after it broke. Kept dropping one or two at a time, fumbling for keys, dropping other stuff and so on.

Stitched the bits together and all was well. For a little while, at least.

A few weeks later and I snapped it again! This time I ran the thread through thicker parts of the remaining fabric, further apart. Also used fewer stitches and this seemed more sturdy.

Still Holding Up (23rd August 2013)

All repairs still going strong!