Regent’s Park Kick-Around (21st April 2013)

Met journalist Jon, a friend of Fiona’s. He rides the extremely well-reviewed Focus Izalco. His was mainly white so might be from 2010 or 2011 rather than the 2012 model in that link. Either way, it’s a top machine.

We had a delicious meal at The Queen’s Head and Artichoke, each ordering something different as a main course. I had a huge yet high quality pork chop with a few vegetables around it. Very authentic, on the bone and not too lean.

Afterwards we all rode to The Regent’s Park and had a kick-around.

Spring? Just About…

We choose to eat outside as it was just about warm enough at the start. Our optimism was slightly misplaced as service to the outside tables seemed to be a 2nd priority.

We ended up being there a long time but had plenty to chat about, so it worked at a social level.

By the end we were all wearing some combination of coat, woolly hat or scarf!

Local Football Teams

Jon has invited me to play on the football teams he participates on. Having seen the 5-a-side players who use the newly built park on Tollington Way, I’m certain I don’t have the stamina!

Running is such hard work compared to cycling. Especially when you’re dodging around other players or marking a fit striker.