Blue Racer Damaged by Pothole (7th April 2013)

Hit a huge pothole on Seven Sisters Road in the junction with Holloway Road. It bent the rear rim, making it splay outwards.

Repairs Completed by Hadron Cycles (17th April 2013)

New wheel was fitted today. Also had to get new rear cogs (only £10) as the old wheel had a super obscure, old fitting. Even Sargent’s & Co struggled to remove them to replace the broken spoke last year.

£47.50 all told.

Hadron did reset the brakes and made sure the gear ratios matched what was there before. They’ve adjusted the cam action on the shifters so it’s a much longer throw now. Good for accuracy I guess but I might move it back a little for quicker shifts on a stop-start city ride.

All tyres properly pumped up. There was no puncture so that was a relief.

It’s given the dear old heap a new lease of life! Rode it around the local roads, went and did some shopping, it even got better whilst I was out. Very pleased.

It’s not a dirt-cheap bicycle to keep going. But it was only £50 to buy, so the value for money is good enough overall.

Motorists have successfully claimed £60 and £80 for pothole damage. I have photos of the pothole and the damage so might have a look into that…yet more admin!!

All part of being a grown-up, eh? *sigh*