27th Scalextric Club (19th March 2013)

Good attendance meant we could use all 6 lanes at tonight’s London Scalextric Club Sports Car event. We did 2.5 minutes per race.

I borrowed a car from Steve the chairman. Think it was a red open top prototype but not 100% sure.

Green Lane

4th place was on 15 laps, so I was quite far behind.

Fastest Lap 9.53s
Laps: 14.50
Position: 5th
Crashes Not sure

Unknown Lane

Leaders were on 15 and 16 laps, so quite a close race.

Fastest Lap 9.06s
Laps: 15.05
Position: 5th
Crashes 2+

White Lane

Clean race using a smoother controller.

Fastest Lap 8.89s
Laps: 15.90!
Position: 3rd
Crashes Not sure

Blue Lane

Leader got 17 laps with 8.46s as fastest lap. Next driver was on 16 laps and managed 8.57s.

Bob and I were wheel to wheel for the first lap and a half, so I backed off and followed him. In theory this avoids us slowing each other down, as we both drive extra careful to avoid contact.

With 30 seconds to go I made my move, a clean pass spread through the first 3 turns where Steve’s car was particularly strong. Built a little gap and kept my concentration, holding the position to the end!

Bob is a very fair racer, it’s fun driving close to him.

Fastest Lap 8.98s
Laps: 16.15!
Position: 3rd
Crashes 0!

Yellow Lane

Fastest Lap 8.69s
Laps: 15.10
Position: Not sure
Crashes 2+

Red Lane

Consistent laps from me while most other drivers had a lot of crashes.

Great result to end the evening and an important lesson proved: in order to finish first, first you have to fninish!

Fastest Lap 9.05s
Laps: 15.55
Position: 2nd
Crashes 0!