26th Scalextric Club (26th February 2013)

My first time trying the Formula 1 class at the London Scalextric Club. We did 4 minute races so I think we were only running 4 lanes.

The motors and drag from the magnet means a different controller is needed but I didn’t have one! Struggled to control the cars all night.

In the last race I borrowed a different car from Steve, with a more conventional motor. Found this delightful to control and had my most enjoyable F1 race. Also set my fastest ever lap time with this car!

Brown Lane

Winner did an amazing 35 laps with a mere 6.36s as his fastest time!

Fastest Lap 7.84s
Laps: 27.00
Position: Probably last!
Crashes Probably a lot!

White Lane

Acheived a 2nd place on the lane we generally consider the easiest to drive. It is central in the 6-lane track.

Fastest Lap 7.52s
Laps: 29.30
Position: 2nd
Crashes Not sure

Blue Lane

Really struggling to drive the cars with this controller.

Fastest Lap 7.56s
Laps: 26.00
Position: Last?
Crashes A lot!

Yellow Lane

Got taken out and suffered some slow marshalling – a rare event at this club, I hasten to add. Leader was only 1 lap ahead.

This was my race with the more controllable car, it was a McLaren.

Fastest Lap 7.16s
Laps: 30.10
Position: 2nd
Crashes 1