25th Scalextric Club (19th February 2013)

Grand Touring cars tonight at the London Scalextric Club. My favourite class as the cars look so good and so varied.

Using 5 lanes this evening for 3 minutes per race.

I forgot to note which lane I was on! We had started a bit late which meant I had to be quick between races to jot down my performance stats into my phone.

Unknown Lane

Leader got 19 laps with 8.97s as their fastest lap. Long way ahead of me!

Fastest Lap 9.67s
Laps: 15.55
Position: 5th
Crashes Not sure

Unknown Lane

Lots of crashes from everyone in this race!

Fastest Lap Not sure
Laps: 15.00
Position: Not sure
Crashes Too many!

White Lane

Close race. I was behind someone but managed tofight back and make a clean overtake to get the podium. Now that’s motor racing!

Fastest Lap 9.66s
Laps: 17.80
Position: 3rd
Crashes 0!

Unknown Lane

Terry won this race. I got lapped but managed to keep his pace after that. He was probably coasting by then, to make sure of his position. Another podium for me.

The extra half lap on the previous race is partly due to my crash. Marshalling takes 3-10 seconds and the laps are just under 10 seconds. White is an easier lane so that probably made a bit of difference, too.

Fastest Lap 9.45s
Laps: 17.00
Position: 3rd
Crashes 1

Unknown Lane

Another awesome clean race between Bob and I!

Fastest Lap 9.67s
Laps: 18.20
Position: 3rd
Crashes 0?


We had the mid-way break and the committee worked out the running order and lane choices for the club’s mini tournament format, which they call ‘Finals’.

It’s a knockout competition where only 1st and 2nd go through to the next round.

I didn’t record my performance data as the format moves between races very quickly.

I got to the 3rd part of the finals format, though! Was racing with ultimate concentration and driving super clean. Very proud of my performance tonight. Really feel like I’ve moved up a level.