New Forest for Easter (6th April 2012)

Mum, Dad, myself and Fiona trekked down to the New Forest for a peaceful day in the countryside. Front brake cable broke on Fiona’s bicycle just before we left. Better to happen then than at the first junction she needed to stop at! There was no way to repair it quickly since brake cables must withstand a lot of leverage. So we scrapped the cycling to Waterloo and stared walking to the Tube.

Called Dad and he suggested going to Fleet and we’d all drive the rest of the way together. It was a good idea, as we wouldn’t be able to cycle the 10 miles from Brockenhurst to Exbury Gardens.

Once we got to Fleet we all piled in Mum’s Hyundai i30 and set off for the motorway. It was a gentle drive which didn’t take too long. It was really cold so there was no Bank Holiday mass exodus to the beach!

Exbury Gardens

Has a ~1 foot guage railway running around part of its grounds. The scale makes everything seem like a half-sized Welsh narrow-guage railway. The open-sided carriages were quaint and gave uninterrupted views of the many plants, trees and sculptures which line the route.