12th Blood Donation (27th December 2010)

Finally managed to squeeze an appointment in while eligible to donate! It’s barely a 5 minute walk to the centre from my flat. Got the 9am appointment and everything ran super-smooth.

Iron test sank like a stone and the letter confirmed the blood tests were fine.

From just before the needle goes until until just after it’s taken out, I simply don’t look at my arm. Today I was feeling a tentative bravery. It is my 12th, after all! So I looked down during the donation. Was a slightly grossed out by all the tubing and especially the little overflow pocket draped over my arm. But it was OK.

Had a bag of crisps and some lovely ginger bisuits in the recovery area afterwards. Felt totally fine. Strolled back to my flat and snoozed for half an hour or so.