Timothy Taylor Gallery (7th September 2010)

Attended a private viewing at the Timothy Taylor Gallery. There was a collection called In Dreams with a side room for an American political artist.

Decided against mingling. The atmosphere was fairly relaxed but also quite insular. Two glasses of champagne had put me at ease but not quite enough to try ice-breaking.

Interesting variety of styles. One intricate painting looked genuinely 3D…guess it was the composition and maybe some finésse along the edges of each shape?

The political work was a rather simple style with rather simple messages. In a way that made them all the more subversive. It made their strong perspective on power and its repeated corruption seem normal and obvious. Well-researched pieces documented old (and therefore declassified) 20thCentury CIA operations. Counter-intelligence, côup dé gras, foreign interventions…and so on. Covered a few modern events as well, predictably dominated by Iraq and the wider Middle East.

All in all, a positive experience and one I’m glad to have had. Would like to write about more positive experiences and observations here. Simply omitting inevitable daily negatives is already helping the tone of this blog.