Family Reunion (19th September 2010)

We all met up this Sunday for a quiet day together. Mum and Dad picked me up on the preceeding Saturday afternoon. Dad and I cycled in the evening and discussed life at length. Sunday lunch was a belly pork, one of my all-time favourites. Watched the MotoGP and commuted back by myself.

Took like 2½ hours for parents to get here due to traffic jams on motorways. They brought the big computer chair from home, at my request, which I am enjoying as I type this. Armrests make a big difference for comfort at a PC.

Dad and I haven’t talked as much as we could do. But I think we’ve done it enough. Mum has a new generation of Guinea Pigs, over a dozen babies since I left home! We talked a bit about recent events which was nice.

There’s a lot more sky and greenery in Hampshire than London. Was a fine reminder to venture out into it again.