First Double Duvet & Pillows (26th September 2010)

Today I collected the 3-in-1 double duvet with 2 pillows from Argos which I had reserved yesterday afternoon.

Was figuring out how to get there and back. Walking was an almost straight route West but half an hour carrying an awkward load sounded like quite a mission. Then I noticed the Tube lines running just North of my flat, which would cut it down to a short walk at either end.

As it turned out the Circle line wasn’t running and Great Portland Street station was closed. It had signs to Regent’s Park station, from which I could see the Bakerloo line would stop and my target: Edgeware Road station.

So that’s the route I took and there was much rejoicing. It only started raining once I exited Regent’s Park station on the way back. After walking a couple of minutes from my flat I had a hunch it would rain. Maybe I should listen to that little voice more often? Hard to tell it apart from all the others, though!

Enjoying My New Bedding (6th October 2010)

Today I unpacked it all and found only one pillow inside! Bit lame but not bothered enough to find out how to complain and go through whatever process is necessary to get the other one it was supposed to have. Although now I’ve just written that, a slight tinge from my conscience means that perhaps I am?

Anyway, I had a lovely night’s sleep with just the 10.5 Tog and the pillow was lurvely. Was quite reluctant to get out of bed once the morning arrived!