“To boldly go…shopping!” (28th September 2010)

From deciding I wanted to go to sitting back any my PC ready to watch F1 Singapore Grand Prix highlights, it took 1 hour 10 minutes. Was served at 9:33pm on a Tuesday. Felt quite comfortable. Even mundane – like it should be.

That timing includes:

  1. checking what I’ve got;
  2. listing like-for-like replacements;
  3. brainstorming some nice-to-have items;
  4. writing up the list;
  5. finishing up a couple of other loose ends;
  6. walking to the shop;
  7. doing the shopping;
  8. going through the check-out;
  9. walking back to the flat;
  10. unpacking it all;
  11. and getting changed from street clothes into PJs.

Went at around 9pm and it was fairly empty. One checkout was closing as I got to the end. I know the route there and back and the locations for most of the stuff I buy. Smooth sailing!

Shopping Receipt

Cost me £18.37 from Tesco Metro on Goodge Street.