Short Cycle to Crookham Wharf (31st July 2010)

Leisurely ride out to the Wharf along the towpath.

  1. Made a point of taking in the scenery this time.
  2. Blasted down the long, downhill country lane.
  3. Sprinted up the hill to the humpback bridge.
  4. Coasted down the far side towards the swingbridge.
  5. Turned left into the woodlands, again going past a lady who was walking a dog.
  6. Winded through the trees.
  7. Lifted bike over style to ride across open green hill.

Had left that hill to the end after quite some deliberation. Lovely way to end the scenic part of the ride! Rode back on the roads. Dropped a glove whilst cycling but returned and picked it up from the road.