Shopping at Tesco (1st June 2010)

Took about 40 minutes from leaving the house to getting back. About 20 minutes before that to check remaining food, write the new list, get wallet, some spare carrier bags and so on. (So 1 hour to buy 2 weeks of supplies.)

Polite, Helpful & Pretty Shopper (13th June 2010)

While finding the shortest checkout queue, I noticed one which was half-full. Went to it and noticed the woman still had a third of her shopping left to put on the conveyor. Still, this was the shortest one within pouncing distance so I queued behind her.

She noticed I had just a handful of items and offered to let me go in front. After a solid second of surprise, her genourosity dawned on me and I took the place, thanking her duely.

After stumbling through my shopping and paying, I took the bag and trundled off. About halfway towards the door, someone scampered up to my shoulder and told me I’d left my shopping. It was the woman and after my initial bemusement, realised that the bag she carried was indeed my bag of cake bars.

I again thanked her and quickly felt there should be some way I could repay her attentiveness. But we had automatically parted ways, back towards the different stages of the errand we were each running.

While driving to the supermarked I had given way to lots of traffic. Many cars were parked on the roads, I guess many people were visiting each other for parties and family stuff. Made me think about Karma, which I disbelief at a spiritual level. Might people subliminally sense when another has done good deeds, then feel more inclined towards help?

Or perhaps she was just a really good person. Perhaps I should have made more of the situation?