Zoe’s Birthday Lunch & Moving House (7th March 2010)

We arrived at her place in the morning. Dad and I started by moving the fridges, a chest of draws and a TV down the crazy-steep stairs and into the truck. Mum took her car as well and we filled both vehicles!

Drove the short way to Zoe’s new place and unloaded the things which be staying there. The rest we brought home to go in storage.

The Wyvern is where we went for lunch. I ordered the 8oz Sirloin Steak and had it cooked Medium. Previously I would always order Well Done. But then I remembed the company’s delicious Xmas lunch last year, so decided to try something new.

Glad I did. It was outstanding! Reminded me of why I love steak. It has actually been a long time since I’ve had steak at a pub.

Interestingly, I had also had steak at Zoe’s birthday 2 years ago!